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I forgot to shave my legs.

Be honest, have you ever apologised to someone for not shaving your legs? A doctor, a practitioner, a partner, a friend or the cheeky dog who thinks it's ok to lick your leg?

I hear a similar sentence often -

'I'm sorry, I forgot to shave my legs'.

'Sorry! I just realised I have hairy legs.'

'Maybe not touch my legs, I forgot to shave them.'

That shock horror you feel before you get on the massage table with hair on your legs is not a concern. Seriously, it's not. To be honest, unless you mention the 'hair status' of your legs I wouldn't have even noticed or considered it.

In case you didn't know, many men have hair on their legs and they have massages too. And more women than you might think simply don't shave their legs at all. Please don't think you need smooth as a baby's bottom skin to have a massage. Remove Hair Removal from your 'to do' list leading up to your massage.

I can assure you - stubble hair, short hair or long hair, it does not impact your massage treatment. It does impact you if you let it bother you and feel you need to apologise for your 'hairy legs' or any other part of your body.

My treatment room is a non-judgmental space, from the small stuff to the big stuff, it's all about you.


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