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Fertility Massage

Are you trying to conceive naturally or with the support of ART / IVF? I’m sure you’re already becoming or very well aware it may be a difficult journey to travel along.

There can be many blocks along to way to overcome. The emotional and physical experience can be draining and depleting. Your whole being is tested, prodded, questioned, tracked, time-lined and challenged.

Fertility massage is a non invasive deep, although gentle, massage to assist bringing back a sense of physical and emotional equilibrium. The massage is created to nourish and align abdominal organs, stimulate hormone balance, ease pressure, reduce bloating and improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

Most importantly it provides a space to be supported emotionally.

I recommend Fertility Massage as part of your fertility journey. The massage treatment is tailored to wherever you may be within that journey from trying to conceive naturally, assisted cycles, preparation for egg collection, preparation for embryo transfer, post transfer, waiting for potential conception / implantation results or restorative healing in a time of loss.

I am here for you. My treatment room is a quiet refuge to just breathe and be cared for.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment. Or if you are ready to book please use the ‘book massage’ link.


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