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Before making my way into a career as a Massage Therapist I started out in the retail systems, admin and tech world. Quite the contrast in industries. During those years I felt first-hand what busy days, long hours and sitting at a desk can do to the body (something most of us are all too familiar with!). My passion for supporting women and providing a tended massage therapeutic space is driven from my own life experiences. Before I made the leap from a 'desk bound' job to Massage I found I was craving that quiet pause from everyone, to step away and be cared for, a moment just for me. When I found that experience from a massage therapist I had my own light bulb moment that is what I wanted to also give. My life shifted paths from there.


Continuing on further with my dedication to supporting women I have additional training Pregnancy massage, Abdominal massage and Fertility massage.

I feel massage can play an important role during the fertility journey, either a natural or assisted journey. I myself underwent four years of fertility & IVF treatments and can emphasise with clients during their own fertility journey. I understand personally the struggles and stresses that are placed on the mind and body while trying to create a new human and carrying a growing human.

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'I give my clients a quiet space to help disconnect,  the space to breath + let thoughts soften.'

I now have a busy 5 year old so I’m living and experiencing the demands of ‘mum land’, with all the joy, love and balancing between the needs of my family and what I need.

When you are with me each treatment is focused to what you need on that particular day. You may have booked a Remedial massage although on the day you are simply exhausted and tell me ‘I just want a relaxation massage’, so we will easily adjust any expectations and go with what massage you truly need.

You might have booked for a general overall massage then on the day you have a niggling shoulder or lower back soreness so we will pivot to a specific Remedial massage treatment.

With 13 years of Massage experience my treatments will vary from helping to decrease muscular pain, increase blood and lymph circulation, reduced inflammation, improve posture and most importantly relax your mind for an overall restorative response both physically and emotionally.



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"Creating your restorative space."


This is my intention for you every time you are in the treatment room with me.

My massage techniques are delivered in a way to create systemic change within you. A balance of unity for nourishing the physical & emotional and stimulate your body to know a healing response.

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