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Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle

Does your tummy become chatty during a massage?

If it does, you've probably apologised for the sounds with something like -

'Oh sorry, I must be hungry'

'Sorry, I just ate before I came in for my massage'

'Sorry, not sure why it's making that noise'

If you have apologised for your tummy having a chat during a treatment please never apologise again.

You're body is a functioning being, just because you're having a massage doesn't mean any functions will turn off for the convenience.

I like hearing the gurgling chatter. It can happen when your body settles in to the treatment and switches to a 'rest and digest' mode. Your parasympathetic nervous system is activated allowing your body to be in the ideal mode to restore, heal and nourish.

The noises could also simply come from gravity changes, you were laying down in one direction and then turned your body over. Fluids move with with the direction change and not always stealth like.

Tummy chatter is good. Accept the chatter too without an apology.


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