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Infrared heat during a massage

Massage therapy promotes relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, and addresses a variety of physical ailments. There are several techniques that I can use during a massage session, and one is the use of infrared heat.

Infrared heat therapy moves deep into the body's tissues, providing a gentle and soothing heat that can help to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and i

mprove circulation. When combined with massage therapy, infrared heat can provide a range of benefits that can help to enhance the overall experience of the massage.

One of the primary benefits of using infrared heat during a massage treatment is its ability to penetrate deep into the muscles and tissues. This can help to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, and provide a gentle and relaxing warmth that can help to loosen tight muscles and ease tension.

It is especially therapeutic during the colder months when the days and weeks have been continually chilly. The heat warms your body deeply creating a sense of calm and comfort.


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