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Tips to help prepare you for your massage

Booking confirmed. You have your massage booked in, it’s locked in to your calendar and a reminder has been set up, what’s there to do now other than arrive to your appointment? Here are some tips to help you receive the most out of your massage.

  • Know the address of the clinic / treatment space and how long it will take you to get there. That way you aren’t rushing in, breathless and stressed from running late. Enjoy arriving at least 5 minutes before your appointment so you can sit, relax, breathe, turn your phone to airplane mode, start to be in the moment that is being created for you.

  • Wear comfortable clothing. After your massage in your relaxed state it’s good to keep life simple with the ‘getting re-dressed’ process. If it’s cold weather dress warmly, your body will respond more effectively when it is warm from the start of the massage.

  • Drink water as per normal, hydration is important for circulation and helping remove waste from the muscles although don’t over hydrate or eat a large meal just before your massage, you may feel full and uncomfortable on the treatment table.

  • Prior to your appointment think about what you would like to achieve from the appointment so you can communicate with your massage practitioner and expectations are discussed

  • Be open and honest when talking about your health and your body with your massage practitioner. Even knowing if you have any allergies is important.

  • This is your massage treatment so also let your practitioner know if there is anything you prefer like minimal talking during the treatment, a preference of no music or that you like your hands, feet or scalp massaged. Mention anything that will help you enjoy the treatment more

  • When you arrive on the massage treatment table, breathe deeply, acknowledge you have arrived and give yourself a pause from the external world.


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