Thank-you for trusting me to provide a safe space for massage. 

My processes are about trust. Trust between you and I which creates an agreement to keep us both safe. Here is how I keep us safe. 

I keep up to date of any Department of Health directives that are released and revised regarding Remedial Massage. 

  • I have completed Covid 19 infection control training from Aust Government Dept of Health with a 100% pass. 

  • There is a minimum 15 minute time frame between you and my next client to allow social distancing in the clinic and sufficient time for treatment room and any clinic areas you or I may have entered in to be sanitised. 

  • A ‘declaration of current health status’ form is emailed to you prior to your appointment. It’s an online form that automatically sends back to me when completed. The form is for you, for me and for anyone else coming into the clinic to feel safe. 

  • You and I will observe 1.5 metres social distancing from each other excluding the massage treatment. 

  • We will both adhere to current mask wearing regulations.  

  • I have disposable gloves available in my treatment room if you would prefer I wear them for your treatment. Although, gloves are not a requirement as washing my hands regularly with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds is more effective than wearing gloves. I will ask you your preference when I see you. 


Please let me know if you have any questions or need clarification. Open communication is a part of our combined and respectful trust. 

If you have any symptoms of feeling unwell leading up to your appointment please let me know and your appointment will be cancelled.​​


I’m ready and prepared to care for you. See you soon. Chrissy. 

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