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Glass Cupping

Have you tried cupping? Seen it? Want to try it? Glass cupping is a wonderful complimentary add on to a treatment.

A flame is momentarily flicked into the glass cup which creates a vacuum effect when applied to your skin.

The cup/s can be flashed on & off quickly, remain in the same position or move to glide over your body's surface depending on our treatment goal.

Cupping can be used for deep tissue treatments or relaxation, the depth of the cup suction can be aligned with the type of treatment you and your body need.

> Reduce tension

> Reduce pain

> Improve blood circulation

> Improve lymph circulation

> Reduce inflammation

> Ease congestion

> Improve immune system

> Improve muscle health

Cupping can be added to your treatment with a discussion prior to commencing the treatment or during the treatment process.

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