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Nourishment Massage

My signature appointment treatment is available to book.

Colder temperatures are upon us and intuitively our bodies crave warmth and comfort. The ‘Winter Nourishment Massage’ is my signature nourishing treatment with the opportunity to truly surrender into a resting pause away from the world.

Image this…A warm treatment room, electric blanket creating a constant soft heat, 60 or 75 minute massage (your choice of massage) and then at the end of the massage treatment you are covered with a weighted blanket, headphones playing slow healing sounds are placed over your ears, an eye pillow gently resting over your eyes to help with an inwards gaze, an aromatic scent lightly sprayed above you to entice your mind and body to slip a little bit deeper into rest. This will be a space created for you to fully surrender into restorative warming stillness. I'll leave the room to give you complete solitude and softly re-enter 15 minutes later.

Treatment duration - 75 minutes or 90 minutes.

'The mind benefits from stillness'


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