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Varying the Massage pressure

Varying the pressure applied during a therapeutic massage can have a significant impact on the results. Levels of pressure I use during your treatment help to tailor to what your body needs for a more effective treatment.

Using varying hand pressure throughout the massage can help to target specific areas of tension and promote deeper relaxation and overall wellbeing.

Light pressure is an excellent choice for clients who are new to massage or who are particularly sensitive to touch. It can promote relaxation and a sense of calm, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve circulation.

Moderate pressure is a great option for clients who need a little more pressure to feel the benefits of the massage. It can help to reduce muscle tension, improve range of motion, and promote a sense of wellbeing.

Deep pressure is best suited for clients with chronic pain, injuries, or deep-seated tension. It can help to release knots and adhesions in the muscles, increase flexibility, and reduce pain and discomfort.

It is my intention to apply a pressure you are comfortable with during a massage so your body can feel at ease and comfortable while gaining the therapeutic physical benefits too.


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